Business Assistance



Business Capacity Owners who use Profit and Loss Statements monthly to manage their business can improve their income by 30% or more. Yet tracking expenses and income can take time – time better spent earning revenue, resting or enjoying your family.

ATBS is the largest, most experienced and respected provider of business services for BCOs. They’ve invested time and money into simplifying the accounting and tax filing process for you, providing you detailed feedback and advice that can lead to greater business success.

ATBS uses state-of-the-art technology to provide you:

  •  Scanning of all receipts and documents so information is secure
  • Access to statements, line item detail and actual receipts on-line
  • Year-end tax and accounting documents provided on disc for easy storage and access
  • An increased level of customer service through Chrome, the ATBS customer management system that provides one view of all data

Call ATBS at 866-431-0370 to learn how they can add value to your work, so you’re working for your value. Or visit their website at

Bestpass – Toll Management Provider          

Landstar BCOs can subscribe to Bestpass for hassle-free toll management. With one device, one account and one place to pay for your tolls, Bestpass offers the coverage you need. Click here for details and instructions to get exclusive LCAPP pricing.

PrePass – Weigh Station Bypass System

PrePass 2014

Landstar BCOs have the option of participating in PrePass for a low, $2.50 weekly flat rate for unlimited weigh-station bypasses. PrePass now has more than 287 operational sites around the country. Instead of waiting in 20-30 minute scale house back-ups why not get a green light to keep on truckin’!

Landstar ATM Service


Access your funds anytime, anywhere by using your Landstar card from Comdata at any ATM displaying the Cirrus® logo. All you need is your four-digit PIN to complete a withdrawal.

Please contact your Landstar card administrator if you need help resetting your PIN.

Changes to the Comdata system and increased fees for ATM withdrawals and balance inquiries became effective November 15th. There is now a fee of 50 cents for a VRU (Automated phone system) balance inquiry. The fee for an ATM withdrawal is now $1.25. The fee for an ATM balance inquiry is now $2.00.

These balance inquiry fees can be avoided by:

  • Registering for a Comdata account online
  • Downloading the FREE Comdata mobile app
  • Checking balances online or through the mobile app before making a transaction.