Fuel Purchasing Details

There are various types of fuel rebates available for Landstar BCOs through LCAPP.


 Cents Off

  • Most locations listed in the LCAPP® directory offer cents off the pump price of fuel, where the discount is credited back to your card balance. LandstarOnline offers a list of stops that will help determine which will have the best fuel value.
  • Remember, your Landstar card will be charged for the full pump price, then a rebate will be applied after the initial transaction.


 Cost Plus

  • Most TravelCenters of America and Petro locations offer either “Cents Off” or “Cost Plus” rebates. Cost Plus (Cost+) discounts are based on the cost of fuel at the truck stop.
  • Before fueling, call the TA/Petro fuel price hotline at 1-800-494-FUEL (3835) to find the cost at that location on that day.
  • Check www.LandstarOnline.com to verify the current pumping fee and locations participating.
  • Landstar cards will be charged for the full pump price and then you will receive an instant rebate credited to your card for the discount available.
  • The cost at each location changes daily.



  • Founded in 1988, AMBEST is a member-owned, nationwide network of independent truck stops and service centers.
  • Ambest stops are available along the most popular routes within the continental United States.


Love’s Travel StopsLoves-logo

  • Love’s offers a 26¢ per gallon discount at all locations


Pilot/Flying J Travel CentersPilot_Flying_J_logo

  • Pilot/Flying J Travel Centers offers a 25¢ per gallon discount at all Pilot owned and operated locations


sapp BrothersSapp Brothers

  • Sapp Bros., Inc. is a collection of 16 full-service, friendly travel centers; primarily located on Interstate-80 from Salt Lake City, Utah to Clearfield, Pennsylvania.



  • Speedway has numerous locations across 22 states.
  • Speedway discounts offer the better of cost+ $0.03 or retail less $0.02 at all locations.