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Keep trucks looking sharp with these great LCAPP prices at Truckomat!

 List BCO   Save
Tractor HB / Van combination $68.99 $55.19 $13.80
Tractor HB / Flatbed combination spray $59.99 $47.99  $12.00
Tractor Only Hand Brush $47.99 $38.39  $ 9.60





Tractor Only: $32.99

Van Trailer/Flatbed: 22.50/$15.00

Split Ticket (BCO tractor washed with a company trailer): $32.99

Heavy Haul, multi axle: contact shift manager for exact price.

Truckomat is a premium provider that hand brushes each tractor. Truckomat does not use any acids in their standard wash, only a mild soap which will not harm or dull the finish of your truck. The standard wash also includes an engine compartment spray off.

Truckomat has thirteen facilities throughout the United States. For a location near you, log onto