TA Truck Services and Petro:Lube

TA_PETRO logoLandstar Members get Great Savings on PM’s and DOT’s at TA Truck Services and Petro:Lube.

Please contact LCAPP at 1-800-531-5227 for specific discount codes.

Landstar’s TA Ultimate or Petro Works PM includes the following:

  • Fill oil to capacity*
  • Change all fuel and oil filters*
  • Tractor lubrication
  • Check all gear boxes
  • Check coolant level and freeze point
  • SCA/ELC contamination checks
  • Push rod stroke inspection
  • Check all coolant hoses and belts
  • Check steering fluid and windshield washer fluid
  • Check wiper blades and air filter restriction gauge
  • Check tires for excessive wear
  • Gauge and inflate tires OR lube trailer
  • Electronic Checklist
  • UltraONE Points
  • Additional charges may apply for certain engine, filter and oil types. Prices do not include state and local taxes or environmental fees.

Special discounts are also available for Tractor and Trailer DOTs.