LCAPP is teamed up with the leading telecommunication companies to provide special discounts on service and equipment for Landstar BCOs, agents and employees.

AT&T Wirelessatt

AT&T offers better coverage, lower prices & rollover minutes with free nights and weekends, with roaming and long distance included!

To log in to the secure site and learn more about ATT offers, click here.


Granite Mobility

Granite Telecommunications is the leading communications services provider for businesses. Landstar’s Agents, BCOs, and Employees are now eligible through our Affiliate Program!

We are offering three options of wireless plans on the Granite Network, two options on the AT&T network, and one option on T-Mobile, please find the offer summary by clicking here.



T-Mobile offers Landstar BCOs T-Mobile for business.  The benefit program offers owner-operators discounts on services and hardware.

T-Mobile for business offers special LCAPP pricing on unlimited talk, text, and 5G & 4G LTE data on T-Mobile network Click here to learn more.

Verizon Wireless

For customers using a Federal Tax ID or Social Security Number head to the Verizon Wireless website.

Verizon is accepting a copy of a settlement statement as proof of qualification for the LCAPP program.verizon2

BCOs and agents who are revalidating can either upload or mail in their contractor documents.

To log in to the secure site and learn more about Verizon offers, click here.

New BCOs or agents, if you’re looking to apply for the discount for the first time and want to submit your contractor document, click here.