The Best Value in On-Board Scales

Air-Weigh’s QuickLoad scale is specifically designed to meet the needs of Business Capacity Owners and is the ideal on-board weighing solution for dedicated tractor-trailers. Air-Weigh gives complete axle weight information on a convenient in-dash display inside the truck.

QuickLoad shows accurate, on-the-ground weights for drive and steer axles plus Gross Vehicle Weight and net payload.(capitalization question here) The Air-Weigh QuickLoad scale is only available through LCAPP and specially priced for BCOs.

QuickLoad helps:

  •  Save time – Load right the first time, every time. Leave the dock knowing your legal loaded weight
  •  Save money – Eliminate overweight fines and truck scale fees. Maximize your payload capacity.
  •  Save fuel – Quit wasting fuel driving to commercial scales to weigh, or returning to the loading site to re-work a load.

Use DOT on-duty hours to move freight down the road to its destination. QuickLoad scales are easy to install, calibrate and use.  QuickLoad’s two alarm outputs show warning and overweight conditions, they include an easy-to-read backlit display and sensor inputs to measure up to four axle groups with one scale. Air-Weigh scales are accurate to within 300 lbs of a certified DOT scale.

Air Weigh LCAPP Special Pricing:

  • QuickLoad Tractor Only: $376 ($470 value)  (*check prices before go live)
    (Displays Steer and Drive from within the cab)
  • QuickLoad Tractor and Trailer: $580 ($725 value)
    (Displays Steer, Drive, Trailer, GVW and Net Payload.  This is using an air-line and quick disconnect between trailer and tractor. This system is best for dedicated truck/trailer configurations)
  • QuickLoad Trailer Only: $388 ($485 value)
    (Displays only Trailer axle group weights at trailer.  May require mounting bracket based on your preference)
  • QuickLoad Tractor and QuickLoad Trailer: $748 ($935 value)
    (Displays Steer and Drive from within the cab.  Displays trailer weight at the trailer.  For GVW you will have to add the three axle groups together. This is a great system for trucks and trailers that drop and hook frequently.  QuickLoad trailer also has built in bright LED alarm lights to warn the loaders on approaching weight limits)

To get an Air-Weigh on-board scale at the special LCAPP price, call toll-free (888) 459-3444 and mention ID# LM2001961.

For more information about the Air-Weigh QuickLoad scale and other Air-Weigh products, visit