The Landstar Advantage

The Next Generation: Millennial Agents and BCOs

For three decades, Landstar agents and business capacity owners (BCOs) have enthusiastically chosen Landstar as the best place to build a career that suits their needs.

Members of Landstar’s family may not share the same DNA. Instead, they share traits that can’t be found in a blood test: entrepreneurial spirit, commitment to their profession and motivation to own and operate a successful independent business.

Following in the footsteps of the men and women who laid the groundwork for Landstar, the next generation of Landstar agents and BCOs encompass the same entrepreneurial spirit as the first. In their 30s, this group of millennial business owners are eager for the future, to grow their businesses and the freedom to succeed with Landstar.


The Charles Webber Agency
Established: 1987

When he retires, Pepper Webber will leave his agency to his daughter, Pepper Rohr. At 32-years-old, Rohr, like many young professionals at Landstar, has great aspirations to carry on the Landstar family tradition while taking full advantage of the stability and support of an industry leader like Landstar.

“I grew up as part of the Landstar family. Throughout my childhood, I watched how my father’s career choice played out for him as the best career move for our family. Landstar allowed him a great work-life balance. Now, I want to give that gift to my own children. Dad set a precedence in a time where dads were often less involved – instead of compartmentalizing work and family, our whole family joined Landstar.”


Long Island Logistics LLC, Rocky Point, New York
Established: 2014

“The LTL services Landstar has available can compete with any 3PL in the business. That service offers my customers support with technology and a unique personalized experience. There are no limits to my aspirations – with Landstar I have the freedom to spend time with my family while operating my successful independent agency.”


Hometown: Englewood, Colorado
Leased on: 2018

“Landstar allows me to be my own boss, yet I know I have the company in my corner. In the next 30 years with Landstar, my goal is to continue to operate safely while growing my business, adding more trucks and services as a fleet owner.”


Hometown: Palm Bay, Florida
Leased on: 2007
Million Mile Safe Driver, Class of 2017

“My partner, Vic, and I leased to Landstar for the freedom to choose who we work with and choose our own growth path with an excellent support system in place. But the best part about being a BCO is the freedom to stop when we want, deliver, park and explore.”


On Point Logistics, Ramona, California
Established: 2010

“The sky is the limit at Landstar. I have the ability to choose my destiny and the ability to earn what I’m worth. In the next 30 years, my son could be running my agency from a spaceship in orbit. I don’t know of another company with such a widespread positive reputation, no matter who you speak with in the logistics world. With Landstar’s support, people in our industry know who you are and what you are capable of. That’s the Landstar advantage.”