BCO Mentoring Program

A Plan to Succeed: Landstar’s BCO Mentoring Program

Landstar business capacity owners have a reputation for their entrepreneurial spirit, dedication to safe driving and professionalism. Many also help steer fellow owner-operators down the path to success in the Landstar system.

“I didn’t want to wake up one day and regret not trying,” recalls Landstar BCO Steve Habeck, who was working as a company driver eight years ago. “I always heard great things about Landstar, great opportunities and didn’t want to end my career saying, ‘I wish I had tried to be a Landstar BCO.’”

Habeck says he wanted to be among the best. “I just knew I belonged at Landstar,” he says about pursuing his goal. “I have known Landstar BCO Bob Rupprecht and his wife Cyndi for years, so I arranged a meeting with them. They invited myself and my friend over to their home to explain everything about Landstar.”

Rupprecht’s wife, Cyndi, manages her husband’s business from their home. She leaves the driving to him, but supports him in mentoring new BCOs. Cyndi recalls Habeck’s initial questions and concerns.

“The business side of things is what every new owner-operator at Landstar worries about. We laid it all-out. How we track our insurance, expenses, fuel, revenue, and the specific things I do to help Bob when he is out on the road,” says Cyndi Rupprecht. “Of course, we stressed the most important part of running your business with Landstar, which is knowing that Landstar is always there to help.”

And so is Bob. “If someone needs something, Bob helps them. Whether it’s business advice or help on the road. Being a mentor is just part of who Bob is,” says Cyndi.

Bob Rupprecht, a Landstar Roadstar® recipient and Million Mile Safe Driver, finds it is easy to brag about the opportunities Landstar has provided for his family since he leased on as an independent owner-operator in 1985.

“With Landstar, I’ve been my own boss for 34 years. I never miss any holidays, and I’ve never missed a birthday or an important occasion with my family,” says Bob Rupprecht. “That’s what freedom at Landstar means – to run when you want, to run your business on your terms. I think that’s what every driver strives for in their career.”

Eight years after meeting with the Rupprechts, Habeck decided it was time to change his career and purchased a truck to make the drive to Landstar.

“I don’t know if I would have had the courage to run my own business without the advice from a truly experienced and professional BCO,” says Habeck. “The Rupprechts continue to help me. Bob and Cyndi are always there to answer questions. They have great advice. Their support has helped me find success at Landstar.”

BCO Mentor Program

Landstar has created a more formal approach to the support of its independent owner-operators and their success on the road.

“The BCO mentor program is designed for BCOs to benefit from suggestions of a mentor experienced in sustaining consistent revenue, building agent relationships and navigating the Landstar system,” says Landstar Transportation Logistics Vice President of BCO Retention Gregg Nelson.

The BCO mentor program, initiated in 2018, is intended to provide support and guidance to independent owner-operators in developing valuable skills and positive relationships within the Landstar system.

If you are a Landstar BCO interested in becoming a mentee please email BCOBizHelp@Landstar.com.