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Achieving Excellence in Service and Professionalism

September & October 2020 Star of Quality Recipients

The Landstar Star of Quality Award is intended for members of the Landstar network who go above and beyond in representing the freight transportation industry. Each month, deserving independent business capacity owners (BCOs) and independent agents earn Star of Quality awards, recognizing their extra efforts and individual dedication to service.

The outstanding efforts made by these professional men and women during September and October 2020, earned them a Landstar Star of Quality Award.


Kenneth Adams, William E. Almy III*, Richard A. Brant, Alec S. Costerus*, Jonathan E Damm*, William J. Dobrie, Christopher S. Higgins, Patrick B. Martin, William L. Martin*, Adam R. Miller, Billy Dean Vaughn

*Going Beyond the Gold – recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Rodrick Ondra Allen Sr., Rodney L. Book, Randall Kieth Campbell, Chris E. Dock, Allan Wayne Dooley, Ronald G. Harris, Benson Githinji Kinyua, Stanley Launza Jr., Valentin Lopez, James H. McKean, Jennifer Denise McNabb, Randal Scott McNabb Sr., Anthony D. Nowicki, Cary Peters, Ricardo Flores Quinones Sr., Bryan Ragin, Jeffrey C. Reuter, Richard Dean Reynolds, Joe Leland Rowland, Eugene Smiley Jr., Haden Barrington Smith, Andrew Lee Wade, Jonathan Ware, Donald Ray Willaford, Raul Edenilson Zelaya


Trevoling F. Allwood, Clarence Armstrong Jr., Brian Francis Backer, Travis D. Baker, Melvin D. Barnes, Sharon Bass, Noel M. Begne III, Mark Thomas Benton, Thomas Mark Brown, Abel Carrola, Jesse C. Charles, Jesse Wayne Clark, Harry D. Clinton, Jimmie Ed Cotner Jr., Matthew John Cutler, Cheick O. Diakite, Jhosinnory Diaz, Terrence Dowell, Randy William Doyon, Roger Wilson Durham Jr., Joseph Eanes, Walter Larry Gomez, William Andrew Guy, Willie Junior Hawkins, Benjamin R. Hinshaw, Cassandra Johnson Hinshaw, Jason Leon Ironmoccasin, Anthony Joseph Jackson, Nathan Charles Jeffers, Joseph Donald Johnson Jr., Edward J. Jurbala, Angela Deneen King, James Willis King, Mark J. Knepp, Christopher Martin La Hori Sr., Benjamin Aaron Lee, Robert S. Livingston Jr., Marcel Lowery, John Mwangi Maina, Steven Marcelletta, Ricardo A. Martinez, Arthur Reynald McGarvey, Curtis Duane Mitchell, Jason Montgomery, John M. Morris, Ceylon M. Mosley, Randolph Stanley Muhr, Edward Russell Neville, Paul Royce Nichol, Robert William Norman, Lee Nelson Queen, Douglas Eugene Ralston, Aldo Jose Grullon Ramirez, Douglas Ransom, Torrance Keith Robinson, Carol Scoggins, Larry Scoggins, Andrew Scott Shirey, Terry A. Silversmith, Miguel Angel Soto, Robert Dale Spicer, Roger T. Springstead, Randy Lee Scrivner, Steven D. Summers, Gene Sylpha, Janusz A. Szklarski Sr., Curtis J. Tillman Jr., Webster A. Toler, Thomas Adam Torrance, Michael James VanBuren, Johnny Joel, Vanegas, Karrie L. Walmer, Kenton Hull Wamsley II, Jeff W. Ward, Franklin Morris Wek, Bryan S. White, David Williams Deckion Shrell Williams

If you would like to nominate a member of the Landstar network for a Star of Quality Award, please email StarQ@Landstar.com

A Flawless 40-Year Safety Record

“Humble” is the best word to describe the 2019 recipient of the Landstar BCO Lifetime Achievement Award Art Trezise – a three million mile safe driver and Roadstar® honoree.

Trezise says during the BCO All-Star Celebration awards ceremony, as he listened to Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni read the criteria for the BCO Lifetime Achievement Award, he knew his career matched each of the qualifications.

But, Trezise says, he never expected to hear his name called as the recipient of the company’s highest honor for owner-operators.

“Oh yes, it was certainly a surprise and I am extremely honored to have received it,” says Trezise.

The business capacity owner (BCO) has a flawless 40-year safety record with Landstar. It is an accomplishment Trezise is proud of, but as his wife Debbie explains, it is not one he brags about.

“He’ll tell you, ‘I’m just out here doing my job’,” says Debbie Trezise. “To just think of him getting this award, it makes me cry. I am so proud of him.”

To date, the BCO has driven more than 3.5 million miles while leased to Landstar, without incident. He says there’s no real secret to his perfect driving record. He just loves being a professional truck driver and does the best he can at all times.

“The Landstar safety culture is second to none, and I’m proud to be part of it. Landstar has been very good to us through the years,” says Trezise.”It’s given my family a great life and I’m thankful for that every day.”

The BCO Lifetime Achievement Award was first introduced during the 2012 BCO All-Star Celebration.

To be considered for the BCO Lifetime Achievement Award nominees must:

  • Be an active or retired Landstar BCO who has been, or was, leased to Landstar for 20 consecutive years
  • Have earned Two Million Mile Safe Driver status
  • Be a Landstar Roadstar® honoree
  • Consistently demonstrate professionalism

BCO Town Hall Conference Call – August 2019

During the BCO Town Hall conference call recorded on August 1, 2019, BCOs received an update about the state of the industry and Landstar’s current truckload market.

Plus, the call included a discussion about LandstarOne, a new mobile app from Landstar created to give owner-operators one stop for all of their business needs.

Visit www.LandstarOnline.com, click on the Podcast & Videos tile to access the call. Be sure to subscribe to the podcast to access recordings of future Landstar BCO Town Hall conference calls. 

BCO Lifetime Achievement Award Presented to Art Trezise

Landstar presented its BCO Lifetime Achievement Award to Landstar Three Million Mile Safe Driver and Landstar Roadstar® Art Trezise during a special ceremony held on July 2, 2019.

The award was kept a surprise until Trezise’s name was revealed during the awards ceremony portion of the 8th Annual BCO All-Star Celebration. Each year, the event honors the company’s best and safest independent owner-operators.

During the award presentation, Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni called Art Trezise’s safety record “flawless.” Since leasing to Landstar in 1979, Trezise has driven more than 3.5 million miles at Landstar without incident.

“The BCO Lifetime Achievement Award is the perfect way to honor this 40-year safe driver,” said Gattoni. “The award is a testament to Art’s professionalism and excellence as an independent owner-operator at Landstar.”

Trezise, who lives in Springhill, Florida, was named a One Million Mile Safe Driver in 1993. In 2001, he reached two million safe miles with Landstar and also was named a Landstar Roadstar® recipient, one of Landstar’s highest awards for owner operators that recognizes their high levels of safety, productivity and excellence. In 2012, Trezise was honored as a Three Million Mile Safe Driver.

The BCO Lifetime Achievement Award was first introduced during the 2012 BCO All-Star Celebration. To be considered for the honor, nominees must be an active or retired Landstar BCO who has been leased on to Landstar for at least 20 consecutive years. Nominees must be at least a Two Million Mile Safe Driver and a Landstar Roadstar® recipient.

Independent owner-operators who receive the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award must also have consistently demonstrated professionalism by developing a positive reputation with regulatory and enforcement personnel, customers, agents and Landstar employees, as well as through industry recognition.