Outstanding Customer Service and Professionalism

November & December 2020 Star of Quality Recipients

The Landstar Star of Quality Award is intended for members of the Landstar network who go above and beyond in representing the freight transportation industry. Each month, deserving independent business capacity owners (BCOs) and independent agents earn Star of Quality awards, recognizing their extra efforts and individual dedication to service.

The outstanding efforts made by these professional men and women during November and December 2020, earned them a Landstar Star of Quality Award.


Daniel Morales*

*Landstar’s Platinum Star of Quality Award is only given in exceptional circumstances, intended for Landstar Heroes of the Highway who are faced with a life or death situation.


Paul E. Davis, Gregory Lee Huggins*, Matthew Mickenberg*, Eugene Smiley Jr.

*Going Beyond the Gold – recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Kim John Blakely, Matt D. Cairns, Melvin Cairns, Hussein Hassan Dirshe, Nestor Grijalva, David James Matousek, Sheila McCraven-Pierce, James Henry Morris Jr, Chawn Pierce, Robert Rebman, Jack Simpson, Patty Simpson, Russell T. Whipps


Jason William Bass, Gregory Bazluki Jr., Monica Boykin Brown, Wade Allen Burns Jr., Lonnie V. Cephas, Stephen L. Champion, Lonnie Daniels, Charley Davis, Marcus Ramon Denning, Vincent Charles Fazio III, George E. Ford, Sammy Wayne Gregory, Mario Ambrus Hall, Jesse Hopwood, Cynthia Ann Hotop, Mark Hotop, Juan M. Lara Jovel, Clifton Osborne Kitson, Harjinder Singh Maan, James R. McKuin, Byron A. Mitchell Jr., Lyon Newsom III, Wesley Bruce Norton, Antonio F. Paz, Daniel Pompell, Edgar A. Recinos, Gordon E. Rickert Sr., Nolan  Jerome Russell, Elias Saldivar, Chris Sanford, Rodney D. Simpson, Lytle T. Smith III, Lonnie J. Smith, Steven Smock, Rodney D. Startin, Xingzhi Sun Sr., Larry James Sutton II, Mark J. Vike, Corey Dijon Williams, Owen Alexander Wimer

If you would like to nominate a member of the Landstar network for a Star of Quality Award, please email StarQ@Landstar.com.