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Just Ask!

Just Ask!

Teaming up with your Landstar BCO Advisor

“The only way you’re going to be successful is if you admit what you don’t know and you ask for help.”
– Randi Zuckerberg, author

You’ve heard it before – teamwork makes the dream work. At Landstar, there’s a team of friendly, helpful and experienced professionals dedicated to helping independent business capacity owners (BCOs) succeed. They’re called BCO advisors, and every BCO leased to Landstar can call on an advisor for a truckload of information and resources.


To hear BCOs tell it, advisors are a fountain of knowledge for independent owner-operators who are a part of the Landstar network. “My advisor took a lot of the ‘being new’ anxiety away – and certainly helped me make more revenue. I’d strongly recommend people take advantage of what their BCO advisor has to offer. It makes a difference!,” says Landstar BCO Ibrahim Muhammad, who is approaching the end of his first year leased to Landstar.

“The first year learning a new business model is usually the most difficult,” say Gregg Nelson, Landstar vice president of BCO retention. “That first 90 days, even the first year, can be a little overwhelming. BCOs come with all types of previous experience, and learning a new system can be challenging at the beginning.” Muhammad says his advisor made him feel welcome. “I got a lot of hands-on help in my first few months from my advisor, Marybeth in Georgia. I was doing all right in the system, but she would call and email me, asking what I might need to help me better understand it.

BCO advisors are not just for those new to Landstar, and not for a few days or weeks, but for as long as the owner-operators are leased on. BCO advisors are always available to provide information, assistance and support. Nelson explains that because there’s a level of independence at Landstar unlike anywhere else, “once a BCO understands how to make Landstar work for their business, the opportunities truly are limitless. So we encourage every BCO to reach out, because after all, their success is our success too.”


Landstar has advisors based at each of its seven Field Operation Centers across the U.S. and Canada – Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Ontario, Pennsylvania and Texas – and each BCO is domiciled with one of these centers. “Whether a BCO is new to Landstar or has logged a million safe miles while leased onto Landstar, each one has a base of operations with dedicated personnel who will become more familiar with them and their independent business needs and goals,” says Rocco Davanzo, Landstar executive vice president of capacity development. Contacting BCO advisors is as simple as making a phone call or sending an email.


Landstar embraces the use of technology to create efficiencies, provide business advantages – like finding loads and fuel savings – and make life on the road a little smoother for our business capacity owners. But Landstar’s business model itself is proof that even with great technology, it’s the human element that jump starts the connection and collaborates on solutions. “Tech should enhance business relationships, not replace them,” says Nelson. “No matter how much technology you put into transportation, in many ways it’s still a relationship-driven business. Getting to know the people in the industry – whether it’s independent agents and BCOs, customers or Landstar employees – helps open doors, grow networks, and increase business opportunities. And many times, saves the day!” Davanzo agrees. “We didn’t want an impersonal nameless, faceless call center. That’s not our style. Having an actual person who can help, who can listen, who understands your business, your goals, your needs, gets your specific question answered – it makes all the difference when you’re at a crossroads,” says Davanzo. “BCO advisors are there to provide individual support, and we hope any owner-operator feels comfortable reaching out for assistance when they need it – no matter how long they’ve been with Landstar.”

Nelson says he has talked with many BCOs who tell him that having the help of a Landstar BCO advisor has made the difference between a successful business and a failed one. “I’ve talked to several BCOs who said they were a week from canceling their lease, but they reached out for help, and now they’re running thriving, profitable businesses.” Landstar BCO Ron Ross has one of those stories. “So far, twice I thought I might fail as a business owner, but my advisor, Elaine, pointed me to helpful resources, and I’m going strong today,” says Ross. “I like having someone I can go to, that I can be totally honest with about a mistake I made or a concern that I have, who can tell it to me straight, without being judgmental.” Ross continues, “Because the advisors have walked so many BCOs through their first year at Landstar you have access to many drivers’ knowledge. This is why I’m thankful to have a BCO advisor!”

Road to Success Blog

The Road to Success® Podcast – LCAPP Insider

What’s Ahead for Fuel and Tires

The Landstar Contractors’ Advantage Purchasing Program (LCAPP) saved Landstar BCOs $80 million in 2022, and as prices continue to rise on almost everything for everyone, LCAPP savings will prove to be very valuable in 2023. In this episode of The Road to Success podcast, host Aaron Peterson gets the inside scoop on what to expect over the next several months when it comes to LCAPP’s two most popular items – fuel and tires.

Peterson rolls into the world of tires with Zane Gravino, Michelin Tires account manager, to talk about pricing and supply for Michelin Tires. Then, Ginger Robinson of TA Petro breaks down how fuel prices are determined and what the different types of discounts mean.

Click here to listen to the podcast

For more information about LCAPP and to see what savings are available, visit:

Keep Your Eyes & Your Career on the Road

Protect Your Vision

Whether you are behind the wheel for work or just out for a Sunday drive, healthy vision is an important component of safe driving. Commercial drivers must meet the vision requirements in the Federal Motor Carrier Safety regulations, and all drivers must pass a vision test to determine if they meet the state’s mandatory minimum vision standards when obtaining
a state driver’s license.

In addition to regular eye exams and wearing corrective lenses, if needed, the American Optometric Association offers the following recommendations to help keep your eyes healthy while on the road, day or night:

Protect your eyes from UV rays during the day

Sunglasses should block out 99% to 100% of both UV-A and UV-B rays and should screen out 75% to 90% of visible light. They should fit close to the eyes and contour to the shape of the face to prevent exposure to UV rays from all sides.

While some contact lenses also offer UV protection, these should be worn with sunglasses to maximize protection, according to the American Optometric Association.

Protect your eyes from glare at night

Avoid looking directly at an oncoming vehicle’s headlights. Turn down dashboard lights and cut off other interior lights to cut down on glare from lights that you are not looking at or toward.

Consider prescription eyeglass lenses with anti-reflection coating to minimize distracting light
from car dashboards, street lamps and other vehicles.

Keep an eye out

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO), here are some things to watch out for with your vision:

  • A noticeable decrease in vision or blurry vision
  • Glare or halos when looking at oncoming headlights or streetlights
  • A dark spot in your central or peripheral vision
  • Difficulty reading road signs or spotting pedestrians

If you notice these or any changes in your vision, the AAO recommends seeing an ophthalmologist as soon as possible to help keep your eyes as healthy as possible.

Celebrating America’s Professional Truck Drivers

This week is National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, when professional truckers are recognized for hauling everything from the food on our tables to the clothes on our backs, and much more.

Landstar is pleased to take part in the national show of gratitude for all the professional truck drivers who are committed to one of the most demanding and important jobs in North America.

We are proud to honor our independent Landstar BCOs and carriers this week and every week. Thank you for keeping America moving and providing service excellence while putting safety first.

Grow Your Fleet

Grow Your Fleet Your Way

Having the freedom to run your businesses your way means owning a fleet in the Landstar network can look different and achieve a variety of goals, depending on the business owner. Here’s a look at a few of the ways Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs), the company’s term for owner-operators leased to Landstar, have structured their fleets.

Fleets Can Be a Family Affair

When the housing bubble burst in 2008, Joe Mullen, who had been primarily hauling kitchen cabinets, knew he needed to find a different way to support his family. With backing from his wife, Elizabeth, he decided to buy a truck and start his own business. “You’ve got to have determination when starting a business – and not be afraid to lose money,” said Mullen. “I told my wife that we can risk it, but we might lose it all. She said go for it.”

The risk paid off. Joe Mullen became an independent owner-operator leased to Landstar, started his company Mullen Transportation, and now owns and operates a fleet of 15 trucks with six trailers and 12 drivers in the Landstar network. The decision to build a fleet came from Elizabeth’s request for Joe to stay at home with the family more, and the fleet allowed him to do that. While Joe handles the truck and trailer side of things, Elizabeth manages dispatch and business administration.

Driver retention is a big part of their business success. “We are always honest and upfront with our drivers so they know how much they are going to make and how they are going to be paid. We want our fleet drivers to know they are valued and appreciated,” said Mullen. “Because of this, we have a core group of drivers who have been with us for several years and we consider to be family.”

Mullen also says Landstar and the relationships he has developed within the company, are an invaluable tool for his business. “Landstar makes being a fleet owner easier – they stay on top of the important things that help keep my trucks and my business compliant, so I don’t have to worry.”

Mullen’s business continues to grow steadily in revenue, but he is near his maximum for the number of trucks he wants to own. “I don’t need a bunch of trucks,” he says. “All I want is enough for my family to be happy.”

Fleets Can Help Others Start Their Businesses

Not long after self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” Larry Long sold his business in 2007, he came across an advertisement while flipping through a classified ads magazine. The ad recruiting truck drivers inspired him. Eager to start a new project, Long went through CDL school, and began his career as an owner-operator and fleet owner.

Over the next five years, he grew his fleet to four trucks while leasing to another company but was ready to take the next step in growing his business. He decided to move each of his trucks to a different company, including a truck leased to Landstar with a qualified driver, to determine which one would be the most profitable. Less than a year later, it was clear that the Landstar-leased truck was outperforming the others. As a result, Long became qualified with Landstar and moved the rest of his fleet over to Landstar in 2013.

Fast forward to 2022, Long’s Blue Ribbon Logistical Solutions now operates a fleet of 15 trucks leased to Landstar and helps other entrepreneurs get their start in the trucking industry. “My fleet is different in that I’m not looking to hire long-term drivers. Instead, I work with people who want to become part of the Landstar network but don’t yet own a truck,” says Long.

Drivers are employed by Blue Ribbon Logistical Solutions for a year and a half, during which Long teaches them the Landstar system, how to be a successful business owner, and how to save for and purchase their own trucks. Long says, “The goal is goodbye – so after completing the program, drivers are ready to start their own business as an owner-operator leased to Landstar.”

Despite his love for helping others get a start in trucking, Long still has his own business to run and is always looking for ways to grow his fleet. His business model focuses on low overhead and no debt. “My trucks aren’t brand-new, but they are safe, reliable and mechanically sound. And, they are paid for,” Long says. He also has fleet managers who each handle a cluster of five trucks, so he tries to add trucks to his fleet in groups of five.

In addition to owning trucks, Long also works with other BCOs in the Landstar network who own multiple trucks but don’t have an operator or no longer wish to employ operators. By moving these trucks under his fleet, Long can bring on more drivers without having to purchase additional assets, and the truck’s owner can generate revenue on a previously idle asset. “The BCO receives a profit split of the net revenue from the truck,” explained Long. “Thanks to the availability of these trucks, I have been able to sell some of my trucks to drivers who have completed my program and are ready to go out on their own.”

Long credits much of his fleet’s success to the flexibility that Landstar affords independent business owners. According to Long, “Having a fleet with Landstar is the closest thing to having your own authority, but it’s actually easier because Landstar handles the compliance aspects and insurance, which allows me to focus on my business. I couldn’t do what I do anywhere else.”

Smaller Fleets Can Deliver Big Success

For Randy Ladd of Wizard Express, owning a fleet in the Landstar network has afforded a comfortable lifestyle for him and his family. After driving trucks in the U.S. Army, he continued his career as a truck operator working for several companies before leasing to Landstar in 2000. According to Ladd, “Over the years, leasing to Landstar has helped me build my business assets to include a full-service shop, four-car garage, truck port for my trucks and over $1 million in equipment that is paid off.”

His business plan is fairly simple – start with a truck and a trailer, work on paying them off, then add a new truck. He continued to purchase trucks and trailers, eventually building a fleet of five trucks and trailers with five drivers. He also purchased a number of the tools and equipment needed to perform truck and trailer maintenance on the fleet.
“You have to keep investing in your business – learn what things cost and find out if it is
cost-productive to do it yourself,” says Ladd. He used an escrow account with an auto-deposit feature from Landstar settlements to help build the funds needed to purchase equipment.

Owning a variety of trailers has played an important part in Ladd’s success as a fleet owner. “In my opinion, the trailer is what makes the money. If you have the right trailer, you can get the right load,” Ladd says. “Even if you are only focused on van freight, you could have van and reefer trailers to accommodate more types of loads.” He also notes that freight types have seasons and cycles, so owning multiple types of trailers can help ensure steady business throughout the year.

Ladd recently began scaling down his fleet as he starts looking toward retirement, while his wife has become an independent Landstar agent. “One of the best parts about Landstar is that you can pursue multiple types of business opportunities with the support and backing that you need to be successful. I wouldn’t have had the same success on my own without Landstar.”

Interested in starting your own fleet in the Landstar network or bringing over an established fleet?
Visit for more information and call 800-435-4010 to speak with a recruiter.
Road to Success Blog

Tips from a Serial Entrepreneur

The Road to Success® Podcast

Larry Long, nicknamed “The Serial Entrepreneur,” is a Landstar independent BCO and owner of Blue Ribbon Logistics who applied lessons learned from owning successful businesses outside of the trucking industry to growing his business as a fleet owner in the Landstar network.

Long frequently shares his success story with other Landstar truck independent owner-operators, like Chris Polk, who once needed guidance and now is partners with Long at Blue Ribbon Logistics.

“Chris made a very honest post on Facebook about his failures and that it wasn’t Landstar. It wasn’t the end. It wasn’t a rate. It was his lack of being a business person. If he had just put away 15 or 16 cents a mile into a maintenance account, he wouldn’t be out of business right now,” says Long in episode 12 of the The Road to Success podcast.

A few of Long’s tips:

  • Be a problem solver. Successful businesses figure out ways to solve a common problem and make money doing it.
  • Know your numbers. Know how much money it takes to operate your truck and your business.
  • Keep your overhead low. Start with a used truck and maintain your equipment to save money for upgrades down the road.

For more tips from the serial entrepreneur Larry Long and the story of Chris Polk’s U-turn in business, click below to listen to episode 12 of The Road to Success podcast, or watch the video version on Landstar’s official YouTube channel.

Tune into other episodes of The Road to Success® podcast by visiting our podcast channel or subscribe wherever you listen to your favorite podcasts.

Mike Lamb with new truck keys

Beating the Odds

Mike Lamb wins 2022 Kenworth Truck in 2021 Deliver to Win Truck Giveaway

A Chinese proverb advises that “at the gambling table, there are no fathers and sons,” but for father-and-son Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs) Mike and Frank Lamb, the (Lamb) house won in the 2021 Landstar Deliver to Win Truck Giveaway. BCO Mike Lamb of Joshua, Texas, was selected as a finalist for the giveaway and ultimately won a concord blue 2022 Kenworth® T680, including all registration fees and taxes, at BCO Appreciation Days in Las Vegas in September.

“We’ve been to Las Vegas many times before, but I’ve never won big like this!” shared Lamb, who attended BCO Appreciation Days with his son. “I felt lucky though. And I was on a roll. After the truck giveaway, I won a truck tool in the raffle later, and several other people at my table during the event also won things from the raffle.”

Each year, one of the ways Landstar thanks BCOs for providing excellence in safety and customer service is
The Deliver to Win Truck Giveaway.

Watch Lamb pick up his truck from Landstar Corporate Headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida

One in Five Odds

Lamb was one of five finalists randomly selected for the drawing from the eligible owner-operators leased to Landstar. Throughout the year, the owner-operators automatically earn entries in Landstar’s Deliver to Win Truck Giveaway contest by delivering loads safely during the contest period. They also have opportunities to earn additional entries, including monthly contests. After the contest period ends, all entries are pooled and finalists are selected by a computerized random number generator.

The other finalists, each of whom received $500 loaded to their Comdata accounts, included:

  • Daryl K. Batty from Gadsden, Alabama
  • Tremayne Bland from Charlotte, North Carolina
  • Arthur Brown from Killeen, Texas
  • Jeff Mikel from Cleveland, Tennessee

Lucky Box B

The winner was determined by each of the finalists selecting a single box among five boxes, one of which indicated the recipient of a new truck. Lamb chose Box B in honor of his nicknames for his daughter and granddaughter, Jelly Bean and JB Jr. When the finalists all lifted their chosen boxes, Lamb’s box revealed a blue toy truck, representing the new Kenworth T680 featuring a 455 horsepower Paccar MX engine, front and rear disc brakes, Bendix Wingman Fusion Driver Assistance system and a 76-inch high-roof sleeper.

“The timing of this couldn’t be more perfect. I’m close to paying off my current truck and have been considering purchasing a second truck. And now I have two fully paid for trucks!” said Lamb.

In true Vegas fashion, Lamb celebrated his win by dancing on stage to “Blue Suede Shoes” while an Elvis impersonator sang nearby, appropriately swapping out one of the lyrics with “don’t you step on his blue new truck.”

Family Business

The father-son duo both leased on to Landstar in 2015 and share a regular route between Dallas-Ft. Worth and Laredo, Texas. They each have their own truck and alternate the two-day run between the cities, allowing them each to have time at home. The new truck means they have the option of adding a third driver to their business or keeping a back-up truck available in case of emergencies or maintenance. You can hear more about Mike and his son’s business on this episode of our Road to Sucess podcast

“I am really looking forward to the automatic transmission on the new truck,” shared Lamb, who often encounters heavy traffic during his runs on Interstate 35 in his 2016 Freightliner Cascadia. “I’m also grateful for the security a new, paid-for truck brings to my business and my family.”

“It’s an honor for us to provide such a life-changing opportunity for a BCO by giving away a new truck,” said Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni, who hosted the giveaway. “We appreciate all of the Landstar owner-operators who are committed to our safety-first culture and deliver excellent customer service each day.”

In true Vegas fashion, Lamb celebrated his win by dancing on stage to “Blue Suede Shoes” while an Elvis impersonator sang nearby.