Landstar Receives SC&RA Safety Awards

Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver and Roadstar® recipient Victor Markle was honored with the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) 2020 Million Miler Safety Award.

“I am very humbled by this award from the SC&RA,” said Markle. “This honor feels much bigger than me because at the end of the day, I just do my job. I make sure I am safe on the road to get home to my family.”

Each year, the SC&RA selects one professional driver from a SC&RA member company to receive the Million Miler Safety award. The SC&RA award recognizes drivers who have accumulated a minimum of one million consecutive miles of safe driving within the industry.

Markle, who leased to Landstar in 2005, became a Landstar Million Mile Safe Driver in 2013 and was selected as a Landstar Roadstar® honoree in 2014. He was nominated for the SC&RA award this year by Landstar’s safety department.

To be considered by Landstar for nomination, the potential recipient must be an independent business capacity owner (BCO) who hauls heavy/oversized loads and has already achieved one million safe miles of driving while leased to Landstar.

In addition to the Million Miler Safety Award, Landstar Transportation Logistics Inc. was recognized with the SC&RA 2020 Transportation Fleet Mileage award in the Over 100 Million Miles category. Landstar received the fleet safety recognition for having the lowest accident frequency rate in that category.

The Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA) is an international trade association of more than 1,400 members from 46 nations. Each year firms across the United States and around the world submit entries to the SC&RA Award competition, which recognizes worldwide excellence in the crane, rigging and specialized transportation industry. More information is available via

The Landstar Roadstar® status is one of the highest levels of recognition a business capacity owner (BCO) can receive at Landstar. BCO is Landstar’s term for the independent truck owner-operators who provide the company with transportation capacity under exclusive lease agreements.  


The March and April 2020 Star of Quality Awards

Awarding Service Excellence

The Landstar Star of Quality Award is intended for members of the Landstar network who go above and beyond in representing the freight transportation industry. Each month, deserving independent business capacity owners (BCOs) and independent agents earn Star of Quality awards, recognizing their extra efforts and individual dedication to service. The outstanding efforts made by these professional men and women during March and April 2020, earned them a Landstar Star of Quality Award.


Eugene Vincent Antinori*, Bill E. Ater Jr.*, Robert Francis Barnard*, Robert Bruce Boyle*, Nicolae Ilie, Joseph M. Kren, Jeron L. Long, Steven L. Loob, Anthony T. Mitchell, Andrea Elizabeth Perry*, Helen C. Smith, Shann Taylor and Ernest Ray Webb*

*Going Beyond the Gold – recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Daouda Compaore, William Edward Denny, Jacquelaine Gardner, Henry Gilbert Jr., Larry James Knotek, Sergey Lozovskiy and Jacqueline L. Merkle


Armando Aguilar Jr., Raymond Douglas Amos, Jaime F. Arias, Atta Ullah Azam, Richard T. Barnes, Gregory Kenneth Bell, Ronald A. Bennett, Wayne Tshombe Boston, Roger D. Bradshaw, Christopher Andre Campbell, Grace Rita Chambers, Eddie Joe Chaplin Jr., Cris Conson, Michael John Cope, Tyler Michael Crisp, John Ivory Davis, George R. Dennis II, David B. Dreggors, Maria Escamilla, Andrew Gallegos, Bobby Ray Gilbreath, Howard Allen Goldman, Walter Jacobo Gonzalez, Billie Jo Gratz, Steven Keith Gratz, Carl Wayne Hall II, Gregory Harris, William D. Hollins, Joshua Neil Honkanen, Harry Alfred Jackson II, Jimmy Jones Jr., Moise Joseph, Leonard John Kammes, Anthony S. Kaufmann Sr., Benson Githinji Kinyua, Charles Krieg, Ruben Leal, Zachary Seth Lindler, Rashawne M. Lucas, Richard Musat, David V. McCullough III, Michael Dennis McGrew, Richard McIntosh, Jennifer Denise McNabb, Randall Scott McNabb Sr., Vernon Edwin Morreira, Annita Bryan Moso, Michael Allen Nettles, Eileen Danbe Noh, Gregory Omalho Jr., Douglas Ottesen, Pedro Moso Palomo, Gilbert Vasquez Perez, Khiry Pickett, Susan Fay Rachels, Amulya Rai, Odean Anthony Richards, Prince Fernando Richardson III, Robert D. Richards, George L. Roberts, Robert L. Roepke, Joe Leland Rowland, Lugman Bashir Said, Jose Salinas Maldonado, William Broadus Semple, Tracielyn I. Depodesta Smales, Ricky Lane Smith II, Gregory D. Stewart, Chester L. Stoltzfus, William Keene Summers, Eduardo Sustaita, Robert Joseph Taylor, Anthony Kentrell Thompson, Micah G. Turner, Robert Ray Turner, Ivan Noe Vasquez, Maxine A. Wedderburn, Robert S. Wedderburn, Anthony Wells, William Dale Wix, Cecil Claude Wooster and Michael Xayapraseuth


UrgentCare Travel Telemedicine-Based Driver Coronavirus Evaluation Service

UrgentCare Travel, the medical clinic network located at LCAPP® vendor Pilot Flying J Travel Centers, is helping the trucking industry during the coronavirus pandemic by launching a telemedicine Driver Coronavirus Evaluation Service. 

Click the image below to read the full news release and information from UrgentCare Travel:


Landstar BCOs Save More Money at Pilot/Flying J

LCAPP has an exciting offer to share with Landstar business capacity owners (BCOs). For a limited time, Pilot / Flying J has put together an exclusive benefit for Landstar BCOs. Now at 30 of its premier locations, Pilot/Flying J is offering Landstar BCOs increased fuel savings. Instead of the normal discounted .25 cents per gallon, at the specific locations listed below, Landstar BCOs will now save .45 cents per gallon. And that’s not all Landstar BCOs, the 10 points/gallon card at Pilot/Flying J is also still active!

Listed below are the locations where this increased discount applies (all other locations remain at its current .25cents/gallon off rate).

Remember, this is a limited time offer, be sure to take advantage of this exclusive opportunity:

Store City State New Discount
1052 LAMAR CO 0.4500
637 EVANSDALE IA 0.4500
131 OSCEOLA IA 0.4500
594 SIOUX CITY IA 0.4500
476 WOODHULL IL 0.4500
339 COVINGTON IN 0.4500
447 HAUBSTADT IN 0.4500
647 HAUBSTADT IN 0.4500
657 DODGE CITY KS 0.4500
890 KUTTAWA KY 0.4500
358 PADUCAH KY 0.4500
440 PENDLETON KY 0.4500
1021 HOLLAND MI 0.4500
596 SMITHS CREEK MI 0.4500
275 CHARLOTTE NC 0.4500
1118 CLOVIS NM 0.4500
696 BERKSHIRE OH 0.4500
14 SUNBURY OH 0.4500
522 PINE GROVE PA 0.4500
363 MEMPHIS TN 0.4500
405 MEMPHIS TN 0.4500
733 LUBBOCK TX 0.4500
1023 LUFKIN TX 0.4500
888 TULIA TX 0.4500
899 SOUTH HILL VA 0.4500
1049 SUFFOLK VA 0.4500

Star of Quality: Honoring Service Excellence

January & February 2020 Recipients

Each month, deserving business capacity owners (BCOs) and agents earn Landstar’s Star of Quality Award. The award, for members of the Landstar family who go above and beyond the call of duty, recognizes those extra efforts and dedication to service.

Our thanks and praise to the following members of the Landstar network who represent the best in the freight transportation industry. The outstanding efforts made by these professional men and women earned them a Star of Quality Award.


Mark Edward Fullbright

A Platinum Star of Quality is awarded in exceptional circumstances such as those faced with a life or death situation.


Donald G. Acor Sr., Bill E. Ater Jr.*, Robert Francis Barnard*, Wesner Ludwin Gutierrez, Ronald C. Haddan*, Randy Alan Kemp, Victor Markle*, Robert Mead, Michael Medina, Matthew Nickolson*, Duriel Jovan Pittman, Tonya Mae Pomeroy, Yasmany Vidal Ruiz*, Michael J. Rybicki*, Alan Franklin Sheain Jr., Zenoviu O. Sirbu*, Rod J. Timmer, Larry Steve Wheeler

*Going beyond the Gold – recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Dennis Dale Adams, Brayan Alcantara, Rusty Andersen, Cheri Charlene Blair, John W. Clifford, Andrew P. Dawsey, Thomas G. Dawson, Steven H. Doyle, Matthew Edward Gauthier, Joseph Gill, Tyrone D. Grant, Katharina Groening, Jacob Guenter, James A. Guiste, Kenneth Jason Harrell, Jessica Hernandez, Jeffrey Scott Keenan, Joseph A. McElroy, Dwight McGrew, Ronald R. Moore, Scott A. Navarro, William Steve Pittman, Jeffrey T. Sacre, Nathaniel Henderson Smiley, Jermaine K. Smith, Corbett A. Southerland, Kurt Daniel Sumner, Ernest Ray Webb, Jon Derick Williams, Edmund Jan Winnicki



Robert D. Abraham, Alvin D. Adams, Arthur Wayne Adamson, Brayan Alcantara, Joan Alvarez, Charles W. Alwell, Riyadh Nalem Alzayadi, Marcus F. Anderson, Cecil Thomas Arthur, Obnet Auguste Jr., Ramon Alejandro Ayala, Jeffrey Todd Barker, Kelly Hardin Barker, Courtney Omar Barnes, Lance Marshall Benesh, Dana L. Benjamin, Anita L. Benjamin, Irick Lewis Blair, Gregg Boss, Brian Keith Bowen, Jeffrey Alan Boyer, Jamie Branigan, John Patrick Brown, Shedrick Lamarr Brown, Krzysztof Bystron, Mark A. Campbell, Michael Carr, Robert Carreiro, James H. Cedar, Michael J. Connally, James Edward Cook, Richard Anthony Cook Jr., John S. Cox, David Davis, David Wayne Dawson, Dennis L. Depoy, James Robert Durrett, Jerry Lee Ecker, Laurel Kopta Ecker, Ignatius Ugochukwu Edoh, Roger Allan Efram, Abdi H. Farah, Tharlley A. Felismino, Shaen A. Fields, Tammy R. Fields, James Cleven Fitzgerald Jr., Brenda Gabel, William S. Gardner, Scott J. Gargano, Jason N. Gentry, Barry Gibson, Rogers A. Gibson, Sandra J. Goche, David Lee Gonzales, James M. Goodwin, Andrew Gould, George Y. Gozah, Joseph Allen Grace, Barrington Grant, William Victor Green, Demetrius Renardo Hall, Stephen G. Halsted, Theodore Steven Hands, Gerald Jerome Hearvey, Steven Francis Hede, Jose Florentino Hernandez, Ruben L. Hernandez, Eric Alan Hessler, Jeffrey Michael Hill, Donald B. Hoffman, Eris Hoxhalli, David Hulcy, Arvin Itwaru, Lafayette Jackson, Seth H. Jackson III, Ricardo Aragon Jimenez, Jay Justice Jr., Steven A. Kavanagh, Herman Kellahan, Jedidiah D. Klein, Michael Krapfl, Peter J. Ladd, Leroy Lawrence, Alan David Lesueur, Mitchell Dwayne Lightfoot, Daniel Clyde Loving, Latricia Deean Loving, Heather Renee Lowery, Jason Lowery, Dennis Wade Lynch, Quanette M. Lynch, Michael L. Markee, Donald Barry Mays, Leah Keyatta McClarity, Terry McClure, Jacqueline McDowell, Herbert McFadden II, James H. McKean, Luis H. Medina, John Ricky Mickens, Willie Damien Miles, Cesar Monterrozo, Jose Z. Morales, Lakendrick D. Morgan, William Earl Mozingo Jr., Flint A. Murray, Chris Bryan Nejedly, Bonnie Jo Norris, Craig J. Norris Jr., Richard A. Norton, Dean O. Odle, Marcelo N. Oliveira, Reginald Jevon Palmer, Aleksandr G. Pastukhov, William Paye, Daniel Coleman Peach, William Pierce, David Lee Pittman, Matthew Ali Ploski, Nancy Louise Ploski, Gretchen Anne Prentler, Raul Quiroz Lopez, Okie Ramey, Kenneth Jerome Randolph, Andrew Thomas Reed, Lorenzo Antonio Reynoso Hernan, Alonzo Bethel Foxworth Richardson, Lester Richardson Jr., Roxanne Richardson, Leroy Robert Ricketts, Adalberto Rodriguez Valdez, Mario Antonio Rodriguez Valdez, Mario Antonio Rodriguez Valdez, Ryan Phillip Rogala, Scott C. Roswell, Murray Allan Russin, Larry Scheffler, Brian S. Schulte, James Robert Seward, Daniel Shapiro, Anthony G. Smith, Haden Barrington Smith, Timmie N. Smith, Kevin Lee Stanton, Jessie William Stroud, Jay E. Stuart, Rebecca Suzanne, Troy Gordon V. Talbot, Samuel J. Taylor, Francisco Trundle, Gregory S. Vinson, Steve Alan Waldrop, Byron Robert Wellman, Clyde Lee Westcott, Antonia M. Willingham, Donald Chris Willingham, Frankie Lee Wilson, Michael Guy Woodley, Stacey W. Yearout


Help From the BCO Benevolence Fund

“Hello and good morning!

My name is Lance Buttermore and I am a BCO here. From my family of eight we just want to say thank you. We received a blessing with some financial problems we were having just after having twins right before Christmas.

My wife is a disabled vet and stay at home mother to our four children along with two foster children.  We all just want to say thank you for everything you guys do to help us. I’ve never seen a company that has a heart like this.

Thank you for everything, Lance Buttermore”

On January 15, 2019, Landstar Transportation Logistics Vice President of BCO Retention Gregg Nelson received a thank you letter from independent owner-operator Lance Buttermore. The Landstar business capacity owner (BCO) who received financial assistance from the BCO Benevolence Fund says despite some hardships, 2018 gave him many, many reasons to be thankful. Continue reading

A Flawless 40-Year Safety Record

“Humble” is the best word to describe the 2019 recipient of the Landstar BCO Lifetime Achievement Award Art Trezise – a three million mile safe driver and Roadstar® honoree.

Trezise says during the BCO All-Star Celebration awards ceremony, as he listened to Landstar President and CEO Jim Gattoni read the criteria for the BCO Lifetime Achievement Award, he knew his career matched each of the qualifications.

But, Trezise says, he never expected to hear his name called as the recipient of the company’s highest honor for owner-operators.

“Oh yes, it was certainly a surprise and I am extremely honored to have received it,” says Trezise.

The business capacity owner (BCO) has a flawless 40-year safety record with Landstar. It is an accomplishment Trezise is proud of, but as his wife Debbie explains, it is not one he brags about.

“He’ll tell you, ‘I’m just out here doing my job’,” says Debbie Trezise. “To just think of him getting this award, it makes me cry. I am so proud of him.”

To date, the BCO has driven more than 3.5 million miles while leased to Landstar, without incident. He says there’s no real secret to his perfect driving record. He just loves being a professional truck driver and does the best he can at all times.

“The Landstar safety culture is second to none, and I’m proud to be part of it. Landstar has been very good to us through the years,” says Trezise.”It’s given my family a great life and I’m thankful for that every day.”

The BCO Lifetime Achievement Award was first introduced during the 2012 BCO All-Star Celebration.

To be considered for the BCO Lifetime Achievement Award nominees must:

  • Be an active or retired Landstar BCO who has been, or was, leased to Landstar for 20 consecutive years
  • Have earned Two Million Mile Safe Driver status
  • Be a Landstar Roadstar® honoree
  • Consistently demonstrate professionalism

Awarding The Landstar Star of Quality

November & December 2019 Recipients

Each month, deserving business capacity owners (BCOs) and agents earn Landstar’s Star of Quality Award.  The award, for members of the Landstar family who go above and beyond the call of duty, recognizes those extra efforts and an individual’s dedication to service.

Our thanks and praise to the following members of the Landstar network who represent the best in the freight transportation industry. The outstanding efforts made by these professional men and women earned them a Star of Quality Award.


Lloyd Cleve Tubbs

A Platinum Star of Quality is awarded in exceptional circumstances such as those faced with a life or death situation.


Phillip M. Herlein, Randy Wayne Ladd*, Robert L. Hail Jr.*, David Milton Pearce*, Bob A. Hinchey*, Gene Douglas Tunney*

*Going Beyond the Gold – recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Jose M. Hincapie, Robert Kimble, James R. Lawson, Danial Evan Torrance Sr.


Hatem Abdelfattah, Korey Dion Allen, Luis Javier Alvarez Lopez, Reid Anderton, Marc E. Barry, Richard L. Blatter, Kyle Bret Bogle, William Othel Brown, Christopher Stephen Buckley, Clemente Caceres, James Caldwell, Randall Kieth Campbell, Dizella R. Carmichael, Donald Gene Colbert Sr., Lamar R. Dersone, Jesse O. Duenas, Douglas Laurence Ellis, Darla Lea Ferguson, Lori Ann Fogaras, Michael J. Fogaras III, Mark Anthony Green, Andrew Patterson Gregory, Joanne Catherine Guerrero, Charles David Hoffman Jr., Jesus Ipina Jr., Jason W. Jennings, David Legaux Jr., David Wayne Leleux, Clyde B. Linville, Timothy Dean Lucht, Anthony W. McIntyre, Ronald Gene McKim, Neil Perry Melvin, Louis H. Moseley Jr., Thomas Mowry, Anthony D. Nowicki, Michael John Payton, Emmanuel D. Presley, Thomas Lawrence Quigley, Jose Santos Rios Longoria, Terrance L. Scott, Joshua Dwain Simpson, Robert Slack, Rashied Hassan Smith, Robert Lawrence Smith, Kurt Daniel Sumner, Brian Lee Taff, Colton Lee Taff, Troy Calvin Thomas Jr.