July and August 2020 Star of Quality Recipients

The Landstar Star of Quality Award is intended for members of the Landstar network who go above and beyond in representing the freight transportation industry. Each month, deserving independent business capacity owners (BCOs) and independent agents earn Star of Quality awards, recognizing their extra efforts and individual dedication to service.

The outstanding efforts made by these professional men and women during July and August 2020, earned them a Landstar Star of Quality Award.


John M. Adams, John D. Ard*, Charles Jones*, Jeffrey Scott Keenan, Robert Mead*

*Going Beyond the Gold – recipients have received multiple Gold Star of Quality awards.


Joe Lorence Caetano III, Melissa A. Caetano, William J. Dobrie, Dennis R. Fuss, Jesse Mark Hounslow


Gary Samuel Barnett, Andriques L. Brown, William C. Carter, Billy Comeaux. Ruth Ann Comeaux, Todd C. Conner, Dennis R. Fuss, Brandy Galloway, Shane Gorter, Michael Ray Harrell Jr., Roger Robert Hinkley II, Terrelle Horn, Mathew John Hounslow, William Marcus Ireland, Andres P. Lopez, Larry G. McCann, Patricia A. McCann, George R. Moon, Srdjan Pandurevic, Joseph Julian Porche, Joseph Lee Richardson, Larry Riddle, Jermario Artez Spruill, James L. Taylor, Ned W. Thalmann, Daniel Vincent Vodoplch, Jodie Edward Wolfe

If you would like to nominate a member of the Landstar network for a Star of Quality Award, please email StarQ@Landstar.com